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Lodge Fall Ordeal and PoppiFest,
October 10-12th, Camp Augusta

  • The lodge held the Fall Ordeal and PoppiFest on October 10-12th, at Camp Augusta. The weather was awesome, and we performed a lot of service for the camp. Saturday night we held the traditional carnival, with lots of prizes.

    It was an amazing turnout, and the lodge inducted 16 new Ordeal members, and 7 new Brotherhood members. 44 members and new members attended!

    The upcoming Newsletter will have a more complete article and more pictures.

    Here is a picture from the event. Congratulations to all our new members!

Lodge Fall Banquet,
November 2nd, 6pm
Gibson Center, Corpus Christi Church

  • The lodge will hold the annual Fall Banquet on Sunday night, November 2nd, at 6pm. It will be held at the Gibson Center of Corpus Christi Church.

    Dinner will be free for all new Ordeal members inducted at the Fall Ordeal. For regular lodge members, the cost is only $8.00, payable at the door.

    You will receive an email notification, and an eVite invitation. We need your response on the eVite to make sure we have food for you, so please acknowledge the invitation soon. Thanks!

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